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Meet Product Labels & Badges

Did you know that it is 90% more likely that a customer clicks on a labeled product as opposed to a non-labeled one? Use our app to increase your revenue!

Highly Customizable

Highly Customizable

Full control of the label creation process. You can choose different type of ribbons, colors, fonts, orientation, transparency, etc.

Different Labels per Product

Different Labels per Product

Assigning labels per your desire: to all products, specific products or collections of products.

Preview Option

Preview Option

Ability to check how the label will look like on a product image before saving the changes.

First class support

First class support

Got any questions? You can find the answers in our Help Center or directly reach our Support team.

Unique in every way

Here are the things that you will be able to adjust:

  • Label Type: Choose between Badge, Corner Ribbon, Horizontal Ribbon, and Vertical Ribbon.
  • General Settings: Alter the Size of the label, the Vertical Offset, Offset Top or Offset Bottom, and Transparency.
  • Background Settings: Change the Color of the label and also play around with the Shadow settings. The Wrapper controls are Color, Offset, and Orientation.
  • Text Settings: Moderate the Shadow, Color, Alignment, Font Size, and Font Style of the label text.

Power of customisation

You will be able to apply labels to All Products, Selected Products, or Selected Collections. This option will provide you with the freedom to put in use different labels to different product images.

Once you have set up your label and it is already assigned to the respective product/s, before clicking on the Save button, you will have the option to see how it will look like on a product image by clicking on the Preview Button.

Keep it simple

Our app is super intuitive and very easy to use. You can get up and running in just a couple of minutes!

If you need help or have some questions, our support team will be happy to help!

You just have to open the app, check if your images are processed, and then to create a label. No coding is required!

Happy Customers

Very good app, I use it to show my discount labels and the developers reply in a timely manner, thank you very much!

This app is one of the best. Makes my labelling cleaner and my store looks more professional. I just applied it on some items. I really like the way they look.

Using this app currently and its great, highly recommend. Technical support and customer service is also very good and helpful. 5 Star App.

Great app, great customer service! I had some issues with my Shop Team but their support helped me out very quick. Good luck! :)

Great app! Super easy to use!

What an incredible app, works flawlessly, thank you so much and good luck. I'm sure if you keep up the good work you'll get plenty of users...

Pricing & Features

Basic Plan
  • Unlimited labels
  • Unlimited label presets
  • Apply to all/specific products
  • Apply to custom collections
  • Apply to smart collections
  • Apply to new products
  • Apply to out of stock products
  • Preview option
  • Priority levels
  • Mobile-friendly & responsive design
  • Custom fonts - choose between 120+ fonts
  • Show labels on all pages or only on product pages
  • Show labels only on the first image in a product page or on all images
  • No site overhead
  • Help center

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does this app do and how does it work?

    The app is an advanced and easy-to-use label editor for your product images. It will allow you to add highly configurable labels badges, corner, vertical and horizontal ribbons to your products. It works as follows - you can configure a specific label, apply it to all products/specific products/specific collections and the label will show on the front end images of the respective products.

  • Are there any additional steps that I should do after I install the app?

    Prior to starting with the creation of the labels, please click the "Refresh images" button on the Dashboard page. This button will prepare the product images for the label addition.

  • How to create a label?

    You will need to navigate to the "Dashboard" and then click on the "Add label" button. A page will be displayed, where you will see detailed instructions about each field.

  • How many labels can I create?

    You can make an unlimited number of labels. Currently, there are no limitations to that.

  • Can I make tests with my labels?

    Each label has a preview button, located right next to the Save button. When clicked, it will show how the label will be applied to the product image.

  • What control do I have on the content of a label?

    The "Add preset" feature is where you can create the content of a label. You can specify a name and choose the type (Badge/Corner Ribbon/Horizontal Ribbon/Vertical Ribbon).

    For each of the presets you can specify settings such as size, horizontal offset, offset form and transparency. For the background of the preset you can choose to use a color, to add shadow in a specific color and configure the wrap. For the shadow you can set the color, horizontal/vertical offset, blur, size. The same for the wrap, you can specify the color, the orientation and the size.

    The label text can be also configured, by setting a text color, alignment options, font-size, shadow and setting for the shadow. .

  • I have a feedback/suggestion for the app

    Great! We would love to hear what you want to say. You can contact us directly from the "Message Us" button at the bottom right corner of your browser or at [email protected].

  • I don't see my question here. How can I contact you?

    You can contact us directly from the "Message Us" button at the bottom right corner of your browser or at [email protected].

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